NSF certified products
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Mobacc Synthetic lubricant This synthetic lubricant works magic on chains, hinges and cutting knives in food transportequipment and sewing machines. Excellent lubrication properties, water resistant, corrosion protection, can be used at a wide temperature range.

Mobacc Silicon Spray A product for lubricating metal and non-metal surfaces (e.g. guides, conveyors, cutting knives and plastic components). It may also be used as a release agent in moulds, etc.

Mobacc Multi Purpose Lubricant This product can penetrate inaccessible mechanisms. It is ideally suitable for lubricating valve sealings, collars, chains, hinges, cutting knives in transport equipment and sewing machines. Can be used in the food, pharmaceutical and textile industries.

Mobacc NSF PTFE Lubricant An effective tool for kitchen equipment, bicycles, home application, hobby material and tools. Penetrating and lubricant oil in one; it also cleans and lubricates the difficult points. Multi purpose product loosens rusty bolts, nuts, screws, locks and hinges.

Mobacc High Temp Spray This product is used for the lubrication of open mechanisms, conveyor belts and chains at elevated temperatures up to 250 °C. Its oxidation resistance prolongs lubricant service life.

These products are produced on seperate production lines.