Innovation and Development

The innovation of existing products and the development of new ones are awarded top priority at Mobacc Food. To facilitate this innovation and development, we combine the Mobacc Group's many years of knowledge and experience with the ideas, wishes and expertise of our clients.

We also bring suppliers and a range of knowledge institutions into our innovation and development processes. Our state-of-the-art laboratories in Veendam and Zaandam, staffed by our highly experienced team of R&D specialists, are our guarantee for quality and innovation.

Mobacc Innovation & Technology Centre.

With the development of a substantial innovation centre in Veendam, due to be completed in mid-2015, Mobacc will be in an even better position to meet our clients' product demands. Supported by the very latest technology, the new centre will enable us to mount professional product presentations and demonstrations.

The Mobacc Innovation & Technology Centre will provide us with the opportunity to give our clients all the information they require regarding new products, and enable us to respond even faster and more efficiently to developments in technology.

Innovation 01
Innovation 02

Innovation of the complete production process

At Mobacc Food, innovation concerns both the products and the complete production process. For the most part Mobacc designs its own filling machines, production lines and the set-up of the plants at both Veendam and Zaandam. The quality, safety and efficiency of the production and filling process as well as the working conditions form an integral part of this development.