NSF certified products
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Mobacc NSF Mineral Grease Lubricant for moving parts. Ideal for lubricating bearings, cams, valves and conveyors for food and pharmaceutical equipment.

Mobacc Synthetic Grease Ideal for lubricating chains, hinges, cutting knives in food transport equipment and sewing machines. The unique composition makes the product resistant to water, steam, food acids and heat.

Mobacc Assembly Paste Use this product to lubricate and seal cylindrical parts, bearings, gearwheels etc. at low speed. It assures easy disassembly after severe working conditions at temperatures up to 450 °C. Prevents fretting and wear.

Mobacc NSF Silicon Grease Silicon grease is used to lubricate plastic and elastomeric components, e.g. valves and joints in hot and cold water systems. May be used to help fitting ‘O-rings’.

These products are produced on seperate production lines.