Sustainability is central to the development, production and transport of Mobacc Food products. Sustainability is a natural concern for the entire Mobacc Group, being inextricably linked to our own future and that of our children and following generations.

Mobacc has its own sustainability plan:

Mobacc Food implements the sustainability policy of the entire Mobacc Group. This policy has been formally set out in the Sustainability Plan. The Plan's key points are:

  • Developing an Eco product line. These green products contain less or no harmful substances or solvents, and all qualify for certification with the official Eco label.
  • Expanding the selection of waterborne products.
  • Using alternative propellants by applying Bag-on-Valve (BOV) or Bag-in-Box (BIB) systems.
  • Reducing energy consumption in the plants.
  • Reducing and reusing rinsing agents.
  • Reducing the emission of solvents and other substances.

Mobacc Food contributes to the supply of healthy nutrition

We want to make a maximum contribution to the supply of healthy nutrition and to the fight against food waste. We also deploy chain cooperation in our continuous search for further sustainability of raw materials, reduction of packaging and reuse of residual waste flows.