Logistics & Distribution

When working with foodstuffs, excellent logistics are the vital ingredient for guaranteeing the freshness and traceability of orders. Logistics is more than just transporting a product from A to B; it concerns the entire supply chain.

To ensure that all our logistics run smoothly, Mobacc Food possesses an outstanding and dependable information system. The vital links in our logistical process are described below:

Mobacc Food information system

1 Purchase from selected suppliers

All raw materials and packing materials required for our production are sourced from carefully selected suppliers. Their prices and quality, as well as other delivery conditions, are meticulously scrutinised beforehand.

We find it essential to build a robust, lasting relationship of trust with our regular suppliers. We work closely together with them to develop innovative products.

2 Internal goods flow

When the purchased goods arrive at our location, they are stored or immediately delivered to the production department. The volumes ordered and the quality are checked internally.

3 Stock management and product distribution

Stock management is an important part of the logistics. Stocks carried need to be kept as low as possible, on the other hand there needs to be sufficient stock held to satisfy all planned orders on time. Excellent coordination with all suppliers forms a key element of this. As soon as a product is ready, it will be stored until the total order is assembled and made ready for shipment.

For the benefit of our clients, for a certain period and at a fixed rate, Mobacc Food can store and manage products which are ready to be shipped. Our quality storage facilities are fully certified for storing hazardous goods and materials. We also use external storage facilities which meet with the same exacting demands as our own.