NSF certified products
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Cleaners and Polishers

Mobacc Degreaser For cleaning and degreasing of brake systems, conveyor belts, bearings, gearwheels, locks, cylinders, chains, hinges, axles, spindles etc.

Mobacc NSF Inox Cleaner To be used on matt and glossy inox surfaces. Removes grease films and fingerprints. Makes the treated surfaces look like new.

Mobacc NSF Label - Adhesive Remover Label and Adhesive Remover quickly removes stickers, tapes and labels. The product can also be used as a stain remover. It gently removes paint and glue residue as well as tar, resin, grease, etc. The product is non-corrosive.

Mobacc Foam Glass Cleaner Foaming glass cleaner based on water, solvents and surfactants to remove dirt, greasy finger marks and to give a sparkling finish to all windows and mirrors.  Glass Cleaner dries without streaks!

These products are produced on seperate production lines.

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